I Hacked My Wii Yesterday!

I Hacked My Wii! (lol! I Know that just sounds a bit funny saying it aloud, or even in your head, huh?) So, let me clarify, I hacked my Nintendo wii game console, and added the Homebrew Channel.

hack wii homebrew channelWith the Homebrew Channel, you can add software programs to your wii, like video/audo players, games, game emulators and many other programs! But it is not offered from the Nintendo Wii Shop, you have to install and run it from an SD card.

I won’t go into a long blog post on how to do it, but it’s not real hard to do. Here is a guide.

WARNING! It is possible to break your wii doing this! So proceed with caution and only if you feel confident you can follow the instructions! Only issue I had was not all software programs you install will work properly but you can uninstall them easily through the Homebrew Channel. 

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