What is a Domain Name?

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Do you have a personal blog, or home business website with a really long web address? Would you like to shorten it and maybe make it easier for others to remember and type in the address bar? Also to make it easier to advertise, fit on your business cards, car decals, documents, stickers and other promotional materials? Then you need your own custom domain name!

What is a domain name?

domain nameA domain name is a custom web address that can be used to represent the content of your website, business and/or yourself. That when typed into the address bar, forwards or goes to your website,  that has the really long address. You can also set it up to mask the really long address and just show the custom one (depending on the setup of the business website)!

For example: johnsbusines.shoppingcart.webaddress.com, could possibly be johnswebsite.com

There are several domain name registrars to get one from, and it’s not expensive (as low as *99¢ here) or real hard to set up! And, if you need help, you can contact me. I have probably registered over 100 domains and have been the tech admin for other business accounts.

1st you will need to think up a custom name you would like to use, that is short and to the point and maybe represents what your website is about!

2nd, go to the registrars website and look for a text entry box where you can do a domain name search, to see if your custom domain name idea is available.

3rd, if it’s available, register your domain.

You can register your domain for 1 year or longer! Be careful to watch for the multi-year option (the default is usually set for 2 to 5 years) because you may only want to register it for just a year to try it out, and not have to pay up front for more years than 1. Also, watch for add on sales for things you don’t need, in the shopping cart. Registering it “private” is a good idea but optional and costs extra! But helps keep the information you registered the domain with, like email and phone numbers, away from 3rd party access that will send you spam calls and emails.

custom emailAlso, most domain registrations offer a custom email address to go with your new custom domain, and can be setup to forward to your regularly used email account. You could use something like support@mywebsite.com, or make it more personal with your 1st name.

Then once you have it registered, you can forward it to your websites address. Sometimes it takes a couple hrs for the domain settings to be available after you register it, so be a little patient. But, it’s usually as simple as selecting “forward” under the domain properties, and copy and pasting your long website address (minus the http:// in front of it) in the proper box. Don’t forget to check your spellings because you don’t want the potential customer to go to the wrong site! And, be sure and save your info!

Anyway! I hope maybe I have helped someone with this information! Good Luck! And, if you need help, this is what I am here for!


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