WPA2 Encryption WIFI Security

Your wifi may be vulnerable to hackers! Be sure and watch for a security update from your ISP or your routers manufacturer. You might want to check with the brand name’s website, to see if a security patch is available and how you can implement it.

See this post for more news on this attack!

Tip on Cutting Potatoes for Home Cut Fries.

Who Likes Home Cut French Fries?

What does this have to do with computers or tech? Nothing! But, I also like to cook. And, you probably already know this, but here is a little tip for cutting the potato, when it starts getting to where it’s hard to hold up and slice, without possibly cutting your fingers.

Turning an SD Card into Virtual Hard Drive

Cool! I just learned how to turn an sd card that was inserted into my tablet, into a second virtual hard drive! Why would I do that? So I can use it to upgrade and run windows 10 on it maybe. I didn’t have enough space on the hard drive in it to do the upgrade. I haven’t got that far yet, but I got the how-to to create the VHD from here…being nerdy again.

NFL Pro Bowl

nfl pro bowlI love to watch pro football, and I like the NFL pro bowl. But, if ratings are low and the players are not really going to play very hard in it (and some not at all), then why not just make it some kind of NFL awards show?

You get the the top 5 nominated players in each position and then only one get’s the award. And, have the NFL man of the year award honors then too.