Changing the Desktop Clock on Raspberry Pi 3

So I had setup my Raspberry Pi 3 with an install of Raspbian, and fixed the time to show the current time in my timezone. But noticed it was still set to 24hr clock.

In case you don’t know how to change the time on the Raspbian install on a Raspberry Pi 3, you just go to the Menu bar. Select Preferences>Raspberry Pi Configuration and click on the Localisation Tab. Then click on the buttons and select the information relevant to where you are (if you live in the US, be sure and change your keyboard setting, or it can be off on some things when you type). I think you can just change the timezone if you want. By the way, it doesn’t show the standard selection like CST, EST etc. So if you live in America, you just select the closest city to you in your same timezone. Like I am from Texas and my area of Texas is in the same timezone as Chicago, which is central time. So I selected that and it works. Then click ok and reboot. Then it should show your correct time but maybe in 24hr time format.

Anyway, to fix it to show the 12 hr time format, you right click on the time in the task bar and then chose digital clock settings, and then in the clock format box, change it to %r instead of %R and click ok. But then that will show the time format with the seconds ticking at the end. If you want to remove the seconds like I did, you change it to %l :%M %p and click ok.

There you go!

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