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Control External Speakers Using a Pi Zero

Pi Zero control external speakers! Using a Pi Zero to control external speakers, remotely from your couch! (sorry about my redundant wording, it’s for google search engine stuff) For a while now, I have had these Creative SBS powered PC speakers, connected … Continue reading

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Change Task Bar Location & Background Images – RPi

How to change the task bar location and add or change the background image or color, on the Raspbian Raspberry Pi Desktop! Change Task Bar Location When you first install the Raspbian OS and startup your Pi, you will notice the … Continue reading

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Starting Emulationstation Installed On Raspbian

How to start Emulationstation, that was installed manually from the RetroPie script, on Raspbian, for Raspberry Pi 2/3 (updated 7/26/16). This post is in reference to my post on installing a Retro Gaming System on the Raspberry Pi 3. Click Here to read … Continue reading

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