Super Nintendo – How to play the SNES on your PC!

How to play Super Nintendo games on your PC!

Do you miss playing those old Super Nintendo games? My wife and I use to have a Super Nintendo game system console (SNES). We bought it a long time ago when we were dating and engaged, and kept it at my house to play on those evenings when we really couldn’t afford to go out somewhere. Sometimes, it was just as much fun as going out.

We liked to play Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, and a few other games together, and then one I played by myself was Tecmo Super Bowl (she didn’t care for the sports games). But I guess we wore the thing out, because one day it just stopped working. So we trashed it but we kept the games and still have them somewhere in a box in our storage. I don’t know why we kept them, because you couldn’t play them without a console. I think I planned to buy another console, but I think by the time I wanted to, they stopped making new ones, and the only ones you could get were at the pawn shops and garage sales. But, good luck on getting one that still worked in good shape. I have seen where you can buy a console on Amazon or ebay! And yes, you can now download and play them on the Nintendo Wii and Wii U! And also on a PC!

To play them on a PC though you will need an emulator program and some ROMS, downloaded to your computer. I am not going to go into details on how all that works, but in a nut shell, an emulator and a ROM is the software version of the game console and game, that will run on your PC. There are several SNES emulators online you can download and install that work well. You can do a google search for Super Nintendo Emulators and a bunch of sites will pop up. But be careful, there are some sites with downloads that can contain viruses, and spyware. Be sure and use your antivirus to scan the file 1st before opening or installing. WARNING!!! There is a legal gray area with the downloading and playing of ROMS. Many sites say it’s legal if you already own the game cartridge.

super nintendoI actually found a Super Nintendo app that is easy to install and use on the google chrome webstore that will run the ROMS, called snes9x. You then have to download the ROMS to your computer and extract them from a zipped file, for them to work in the app. Most newer operating systems for Windows (like Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10), Mac and even Ubuntu (and it’s many Linux flavors), have programs built in, that will extract the zipped archive file, by right clicking on the file and choosing “extract” in the list. If for some reason your Windows PC or Mac doesn’t have the program installed, google Winzip or 7-Zip (I recommend 7-zip) and install it. For Ubuntu, you can probably find one through the software center. But all the newer updated versions usually already an archive manager installed. But, you will need the Chrome browser with flash or other browser with flash, to run the chrome app.

super nintendo

Then once you have installed the snes8x app, launch it, then click “choose file” at the top and find your unzipped ROM file where you extracted it on your computer, to load it and play the game. If you did it right, you should see the game start up. You can use the keyboard, or plug in a USB game pad to your computer, to move around in the game (there is a key map below the output screen). I actually created a separate folder in my downloads folder to extract the ROMS to, so they would be easy to find.

Anyway! Enjoy! It’s a fun way to pass the time, just don’t do it while cooking or you will burn the food, like I did the other night!

Retro Gaming on the Raspberry Pi – Simple to Install!

How to Turn the Raspberry Pi into a Retro Gaming Machine!

retro gamingI am a big fan of many of those old video games I use to to play on my old Atari and Nintendo consoles. One of my favorites has always been Donkey Kong. I actually still have a few of the old Atari 2600 and Nintendo cartridges. But, unfortunately my Atari and Nintendo consoles stopped working a long time ago. But, I have a raspberry pi 3 and I was really exited to learn that you could emulate these old consoles on it and basically turn it into a retro gaming system!

So, how do you turn a Raspberry Pi into a retro gaming system? One way is by installing emulators. 

What is an emulator?

I don’t know all the technical details behind how it all works, but in short, an emulator is a software program that emulates the hardware of a game console. But you can’t stick a cartridge in your computer (actually I wouldn’t doubt there is a way). You will need something called a ROM image, of the original game.

What is a ROM image?

A ROM (read only memory) image is like a data copy of the original cartridge or disk. It utilizes the emulator program code, to play the game. It’s sort of like a virtual cartridge.

WARNING: There is a legal gray area surrounding the use of ROMS. Some will say, If you own the original game cartridge, it’s ok to be downloaded and played. Some say, it isn’t legal at all. Then there is the adage that it’s preservation of history and nostalgia. If these games are no longer being sold in circulation for a current console and you’re not selling them, then they are perfectly legal. So play at your own risk. You can google all this, to find out more information.

Several Emulators to Choose From

You can install several different emulators on the Raspberry Pi. I won’t go into detail on how to install them, but the Raspberry Pi Pixel desktop does contains an Add and Remove software GUI utility. You can search from there to find emulators to try. Some of them run ok on the Pi, and some don’t. Or you can install a whole operating system (OS) that contains already installed emulators, all in one place. You can also add more!

Retro Gaming OS’s for the Raspberry Pi.

Two OS’s I have tried are called Retropie and Recalbox. Both were built on a platform called Emulationstation, and are very similar with about the same functionality.

To install these retro gaming OS’s on your Pi, you simply download the SD card image and burn it to your SD card (recommend class 10 16gb or higher), using your favorite SD card writing utility. Then pop the SD card into your Pi and then follow the prompts to get it going.

Download the RetroPie image, here.

Download the Recalbox image here.

They are both pretty simple to get started. Recalbox however is probably the easiest for the novice, that requires less configuration. It almost works “out of the box” so to speak. But more experienced Linux users will probably like Retropie, because you can configure and tailor things the way you like them. There is plenty of documentation found online, to help you get started.

As far as where to get ROMs, google is your friend. I will not tell you were to get them. But, they can be found on this planet among the emu and caught with a dot net. However, they don’t speak English! You can use the google translator to figure out what they are saying.

Note: Retropie and Recalbox does not contain or authorize the use of any copy righted game ROMs, that you do not own! And, will not be distributed with any copy righted games. Use at your own risk! Also, neither system is for resell!

Build Your Own

There have been many people build their own retro gaming cabinet, tables, and gameboy type hand held devices. The possibilities are endless with a Raspberry Pi! You can see many examples on Youtube.

retro gaming arcade cabinet

Sounds like a fun weekend (or over 3 or 4 weekends maybe) project!

By the way, you can do a lot more than play games with a raspberry pi! You can also use it as a second hand desktop computer, a media center pc, or to create many other neat projects.

Anyway! Enjoy your retro gaming! Good luck and have fun!

If you are looking to get started with a Raspberry Pi, I highly recommend this kit below!