Smoked Chicken

Note: this is not really a recipe. I am just experimenting with my little smoker pit, trying to see what works.

1st I cut my chicken is half and then marinate in a salt water and lime brine over night.

My brine solution is nothing fancy. You dissolve 4 table spoons of salt in a couple of cups of really hot water. Then ice down the water and stir to make it completely chilled. Then poor over whole chicken or part of it on one half and part on the other evenly and then fill with more water to cover chicken (may have to weight it down with something).  You can add some other seasoning if you like to the brine like teriyaki or soy sauce, some rosemary, garlic, etc (experiment). Cover and refrigerate over night. Rinse well before seasoning. Add maybe just a light sprinkle of salt if you want

Made one 1/2 seasoned with lemon pepper and the other half seasoned with just some pepper and garlic. I coated it with olive oil 1st, then seasoned it all over, and under the skin as far as I could.

Then I started the pit in the smoke box with a charcoal stack. Got the the temp to around 300 to 350.

Looking Good, after about an hr. Got a little hot on one side, though. 😉

A few hrs later, the finished product. It was good. Could have used a little more time in the brine maybe or maybe some season salt.

Anyway, good luck to all with your cooking!


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