Create an Easy Computer Shutdown Button Shortcut

How-to create an easy to find, and easy to use, computer shutdown button shortcut. Or a restart button, on your Windows 10 (8.1, 7) desktop!

shut down buttonSo, why would you need a shutdown button shortcut? You know, it’s simple enough on Windows 10 to find the shutdown button on your laptop or desktop PC. There are a couple of ways to find it actually.

You can right click the windows icon on the bottom left corner of your screen in the task bar . Then mouse over the shutdown or sign out text in the menu, to bring up the shutdown, restart, sign out menu.

shut down

Or you can click on the Windows Icon and bring up the start menu and click on the power icon, just above that. It will show the power menu.

Here is my reason.

great scott
Great Scott Marty! You mean kids in 2016 don’t know how to properly shutdown a computer?

I just refurbished an older laptop for a friend that is running Windows 8.1, that doesn’t have the traditional Start Menu, which has the power menu options like shown above on Windows 10. To shut it down, you mouse over to the right side of the screen to bring up the “charms bar”, and then click the power button icon, for the power options.

One of their kids will be the main user on the laptop for homework. And at school when they use a computer in the computer lab, they just sign out. They never actually shut the computer down. So, to avoid an improper shutdown, I created an easy to find shutdown button shortcut, so they could easily find it and shut it down the right way.

Now that I have turned this quick tip into a book, for whatever reason you might need a shutdown button shortcut, here is how you create it (and the restart button)!

create shortcutJust create shortcuts for both actions using the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the Desktop and Right Click in any area of the background. Then go to New and Click Shortcut, in the menu.

Step 2: Enter the following code in Shortcut bar: shutdown -s -t 0 (<- yes a zero) and click Next.

shut down code

Step 3. Name your shortcut and click, finish (I simply named mine, Shut Down). It should put the short cut, right on the desktop.

name short cut

It will look like this:

shutdown button shortcut on desktop

Step 4. To change the icon on the shortcut, so it looks like a power button. Right click on the shortcut and choose Properties and Change Icon (you will get a warning popup about no icon, just click OK to continue).

icon properties 

Choose whatever icon you want and click OK. I picked the obvious red button.

Click Apply at the bottom of the box and then click OK.

click apply and ok

And now, it should show the button icon on your desktop!

You can also right click the shutdown button shortcut and choose to Pin to Taskbar and/or the Start Menu, in Windows 8, 8.1.

You can create a restart button the same way. The code to use is: shutdown -r -t 0 (<-that is a zero again).

And for log off, the code is: shutdown -l -t 0.

There you go! From Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Nerd!

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