Rough Day on the Course

Just Wasn’t Our Day on the Course!

To start off, the weather was clear but pretty chilly for us here in west central Texas. It was around the low 30’s when we left to go to the course but it was suppose to warm up to the high 50’s by the afternoon.

I happen to like it cold rather than hot. We get to the 100’s in the summer and to me, even harder to play in that, then the cold. But Hailey isn’t too fond of it, even though she should be use to playing in it. She plays select soccer and usually in the early spring it can be pretty cold in the morning games, in the upper 20’s. But I guess it’s different because she isn’t standing still for longer periods of time in soccer.

Frost Delay

We had a Tee time of 11:30 but we went early so we could do a warm up practice on the range. But when we got there, we were told there was a frost delay and there were 11 groups who hadn’t started yet. So until they got started and carts sorted out, we wouldn’t have a cart available to go down to the range. The range is located down into the course and it’s a good distance to the 1st Tee and would be quite a walk without a cart.

When we finally got a cart though, it was a little too late to go to the range, but were able to actually start our game at our scheduled tee time. So we just tried our best to take some extra warm up swings, while we waited to get on the Tee box.

Both of us hit bad shots off the Tee. I actually lost my Tee shot and Hailey shanked hers to the left. But there was nobody behind us, so we decided to rehit. Yes, we counted our original shots! And after a couple of 2nd and 3rd shots, we got on the green at 3 (Hailey) and 4 (me).

Fast Greens

Now time to putt! Before we had started our round, we had been warned by a course Marshall, that all the greens were real fast. And boy, he was not kidding! Our putts went scooting across the green like they were rolling on glass, down hill. We would finish 2 and 3 over par. This pattern continued on for the next few holes.

We both started hitting better drives, but Hailey kept finding the sand bunkers. And, I lost another ball in the sticks. But, I did have a pretty cool flop shot onto the green on one of the holes (never a camera on for those). Been working on those. We still had problems with putting though. We either hit too hard or too soft! It was hard to find some middle ground.

We also had a few putts like this one on the video.

My Iron Game

I had also miss judged my distances on my irons on several shots. I had been working on hitting them better for the past few weeks. Try to use my hips more and shifting my weight to my left leg, getting shaft lean and squaring the club face better at impact. Let’s just say, I did improve! I improved to the point I over shot a few of my 2nd shots, sending it way over the greens. And, I had too much club on a couple par 3’s on the back 9. So, I lost a couple more balls. Normally I would try a little harder to find and play them, but with groups coming up fast behind us, I took a stroke and dropped my ball where I thought I saw it go out.


Staying Positive

Needless to say, we had a bad round. By the time we finished we knew the score card was not going to be nice to us. But, I try to stay as positive as I possibly can. It told her, you know it’s been a little while since we had been on any course and really hadn’t had much practice lately. Don’t be too hard on yourself and when you hit a bad shot, don’t think about it too much, just move on to the next shot and next hole.

She has a hard time with that. She wants so bad to be good at something she plays at school. I am trying to get her to realize, that getting upset over bad shots or a bad round, won’t help you get better, only more practice and play will.

I am trying to get her to also realize, even though she has played a full season in high school and had a few lessons from a pro, she’s really only played a handful of golf in a little less than a year! She literally started playing during her 1st high school tournament last season. She needs to allow herself more time to improve. And, I hadn’t played golf regularly in a long time! I just started picking it back up after a 20 year delay, when she started playing.

I Had Fun

Anyway! While we had a bad round on the course, I had a good time! Anytime I get to spend with the kids doing anything, is a good day to me!


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