NTFS File System For Windows 10 USB Flash Drive

ntfs reinstall windows 10Creating a Bootable USB Flash Drive to Reinstall Window 10?

Don’t forget to set the files system to NTFS for windows! I have been trying like heck the past week or so to reinstall Windows 10 on my laptop from an ISO, loaded onto a bootable USB flash drive. I used the rufus utility, to create the bootable drive and then tried booting my laptop from it. But, it kept going to the grub rescue prompt and not booting from the usb stick.

I even tried using different USB sticks, SD cards and even burning the ISO file to a DVD. For some reason, it just wasn’t working. What was I doing wrong? I have reinstalled Windows on other computers, many times with no problems.

So, I looked all over the internet for reasons why it wasn’t working. No possible fixes seemed to resolve this issue. I also tried Unetbootin, a different utility to make a bootable USB drive, but that didn’t work either.

reinstall windows 10But, then while reading a guide on using an older version of Unetbooting on Linux, it dawned on me! Maybe I have been using the wrong file system setting, on rufus. And that was it! I was making the USB stick with the file system setting on Fat 32, and it was suppose to be on NTFS! Ah! No Wonder!!! lol!

I won’t go into detail on why it has to be set to NTFS but, in short, it is so the flash drive can be recognized as a hard disk, where the boot files would normally reside.

Anyway! It’s all working now and I got Windows 10 reinstalled! Thank goodness! I was starting to think maybe I had damaged something on the laptop!

If you are having this issue, check to make sure the file system says NTFS for Windows!

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