How to Make Your Own Soda Slushy – Or Not!

How to Make Your Own Soda Slushy

So, my daughter watched this video on youtube about a Self Freezing Soda trick, and she wanted to try it, so she could make her own soda slushy or icy at home anytime, because it’s one of her favorite treats to get from the convenience store.

The steps are simple!

Step 1. Shake up the soda
Step 2. Place in freezer for 3 hrs and 15 minutes, but do not freeze.
Step 3. Take the soda out and slowly let the pressure out.
Step 4. Pour into a bowl or glass and watch the reaction as it turns into a slushy soda.

She used a bottle of Dr. Pepper like this one (it says any soda)!

soda slushy

But she let it go too long in the freezer so it was already partially in slushy form when she got it out. The video does say that freezers vary, so you should probably get 3 or 4 sodas to try in the freezer and test it at different times. Anyway, she still wanted to eat the slushy out of the bottle so she tried opening it slowly to relieve the pressure, but couldn’t. The lid was on too tight. So, she gave it to me. I knew it might spew, so I held it over the sink, just in case.

Well, I loosened the lid some, but it must have been too far because the pressure was too great, and the bottle shot out of my hand, into the sink and spewed partially frozen Dr. Pepper all over me, the walls, the floor, and even on the ceiling! It went everywhere! lol!

By the way, when you go to the actual video on youtube, it does give a warning about over freezing, and making a mess, as well as other warnings. And, you will notice, the person doing it, is outside! It also has some other “cool” information about this experiment and links to other videos on the subject of freezing water and ice. But my daughter didn’t look at all the info below it, just the video. So, before trying, maybe go over some of the info below the video!

The moral of this post and title should be, this is “How NOT to Make a Soda Slushy“! lol!

She wants to try it again but with the soda having less time in the freezer, and will make a video to show how well it turns out!

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