LibreElec Wireless Access Point Setup Raspberry Pi 3

Use LibreElec to setup a wireless access point, to connect to Kodi from Your Phone. It’s simple to do and no Internet is required!

LibreElec (What is that? Learn more here.) has a very simple way to setup a wireless “tethered” access point. Then you can connect your android or iOS device to the access point like if it was wifi (without internet). Then access your media on the kodi media center with your favorite kodi mobile app.

I am not going to explain all the steps required to get it installed on the Raspberry Pi, but of course, 1st you have write the LibreElec image on an SD. You will find the images on the downloads page. I only have a Raspberry P1 3, so I only know how it works for that image. I also have a Pi Zero, but I tried it, and it wouldn’t set up.

Once you have the image booted up and kodi is setup on the Pi 3, navigate over to SYSTEM. Mouse over it and the settings menu opens under it. Click on LibreElec.

libreelec access point setup

Then once in that section, mouse over Network. Then Enable “tethered” Wireless Access Point.


wifi access pointYou will then see the SSID name (LibreELEC-AP) and the Passphrase (initially the Passphrase is libreelec but you can change it to something more secure) to use in your wifi phone settings, to connect to. Search for the connection under your phones wifi settings, tap it and when prompted, enter the Passphrase. If it’s all good, it should connect.

Note: You will need to connect back to your regular wifi and download your favorite kodi remote app. Then connect back to the access point and setup the app. I used the “Official Kodi App” and it detected the access point right away when add the new host and tapped, “find kodi”. I saved it and it connected.official kodi app

Then you can load up a USB flash drive with your favorite music, videos or other media, plugged into a USB on the Pi, and add it to kodi, and make it sort of a portable media player.

I set mine up to work in the car to play music through the stereo auxiliary port. I connected a computer speaker line from the Pi’s analog audio output, to the auxiliary stereo input, and enabled it on the car radio. For power, I used a cigarette lighter USB car charger that outputs (5V) 2.4 amps.

You can also connect a USB wifi dongle to access the internet when needed.  And, you can connect other devices with kodi at the same time, like a tablet, to the access point and play media from it. I have not tried that though.

Anyway! Hope that helps somebody!

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