Kodi (XBMC) Media Center for PC and More!


You may have seen a few posts where I mention Kodi and you might have wondered, “what is that and what does it do”? Well, here you go!

kodi play buttonKodi is an open source media center program, designed to bring all your pictures, music and video, stored on your computer or tablet, together in one place. It will play media in many different formats and from DVD’s and CD’s as well! You can also use it to stream online content. There are even Apple and Android mobile apps available, to enable your smart phone to be used as a remote.

The software is available for Windows, Mac, Android and many Linux distributions, free to download. And, comes with many free addons you can install and use to watch online content, right away (subscriptions may be required)!

food networkOne of my favorite shows is Diners, Driv-ins and Dives, on the Food Network, but I have missed a few of the latest episodes. Kodi has the Food Network Add-on. So I added it and now I am able to stream the show and catch up.

Kodi is also available as a stand alone OS.

raspberry pi 3I use my Raspberry Pi 3 as a mini desktop and media center and have it installed through Raspbian. But, you can also use it installed as a stand alone OS on an SD card, USB flash drive or hard drive, with LibreElec (which is my favorite), OpenElec or OSMC. I have an old HP that had Windows Vista on it, that I removed and installed OpenElec on. The video card has HDMI out, so it was easy to connect to use on the TV. Worked great until my power supply on the PC died (I have had it a while).

You can also use Kodi with other streaming services!

I have PlayOn, which is a paid service where you can stream and record content from all your favorite TV show and movie websites, and watch them anytime you want. It’s like a streaming DVR. And, you can set it up to play your recordings through Kodi or add the app to your device. You can even access PlayOn from other devices to play content, as long as you have the server running on a Windows PC or a Mac. It’s pretty cool and available to try for free!

You can learn more about Kodi here or visit the wiki page here for all the different ways to set it up. And as always, if you need some help, call on me, your friendly neighborhood computer nerd!

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