Flip Flop Instagram Account Name Changes

I know nobody really reads my blog, so this is just going to fall on deaf ears or eyes probably.

A while back, I created a golf themed instagram account for Hailey, with the user name “golfgirlhailey”. I uploaded some of her golf shots and swings, hoping she would follow the account and show her how much she had improved in just a short time (you know these kids these days, they just look at stuff on their phones). I then followed a bunch of male and female pro golfers and gave her the login to the account, hoping she would log in and watch some of the things they do.

Somehow by mistake, I made the account public. But, I hadn’t opened the account in a while to look at it. And, I had actually removed the app on my old 8gig iphone, to make room for other stuff on it. The email account I used for it, I didn’t check that much either. So I had no idea it was getting much attention.

Then I got a new phone and downloaded the app, and thought I would upload some of her new golf shots she had. Then I noticed she had several likes and followers from other golfers. I thought hey, that’s cool! So I kept it public, and just tried to be careful what I posted. I just monitored the follows she got, closely.

Anyway, she started getting some odd follows from sellers, and from people that had nothing to do with golf (middle aged men and older), that I could tell. Or they would leave odd comments with very bad grammar mistakes so bad, that I couldn’t understand what the heck they meant. I blocked several sex bots too. But, that is the down fall of doing social media, public! ANYONE can see what you post! And, ANYONE can follow! It started to kind of make me nervous.

So I decided to change the account name to goofydadgolf, to be more about me, her dad and this blog, hoping that would discourage some of the follows. Nobody wants to follow some 40 something year old guy who sucks at golf, and who posts about food and computer stuff, right? What is funny about that is, I actually started seeing an increase in follows and likes. Made me feel good! lol! But then, Hailey wanted me to change it back to her original account name, “golfgirlhailey”. I thought maybe she wanted to actually use the account. We will see.

So I sorted through the follows and removed a bunch I didn’t think she should have. Changed the account back to private, and then changed her account name back to what it was. And now I check it and approve the follows manually.

Anyway! Hope that explains things a little behind the flip flop in account names. I did however create my own under robbysweb if you want to follow it. Not much there!


P.S. I love getting feedback from my readers. Unfortunately I have had to disable the comments section because I get way too many spam posts and junk that just makes no sense. I just don’t have time to sift through all that. So if you want to leave me feedback, please use the contact me page! Thank You!


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