Houston, We Have A Swing Problem!

So somewhere during a range sessions, Hailey’s swing got way off track (pic: left is before going off track, right is after). Notice how high her elbow is on the right, and then coming down “over the top” in the pic under that!

How did this happen?

I was working with her on not taking the club too far inside during her takeaway. And also, trying to get her to set the wrist hinge on the way back, so she can control her irons better and stop topping the ball (video of the bad swing below).

One of the causes of her going too far inside, was that she was allowing herself to dip her head forward. So I thought I would just put my hand on her forehead while she took her club back. This fixed it. But in doing so, somehow got her backswing too high with a flying elbow, and coming over the top in the down swing. Then she was slicing her shots. So I taught her to hit a fade from the right side of the tee box for a quick fix, just before her district tournament. It helped with the slice, and put the ball mostly in the fairway, and she managed to play ok with the swing.

Side Note: She started using the Wilson Staff Duo Soft Optix Golf Balls-Red and really likes they way they feel coming off the clubface. And, they are a lot easier to see and find than regular white balls!  See Other Colors Here!

She hit into a couple of water hazards and missed some greens that normally she would hit. Putting was ok on greens that are well know for being fast and with a lot of slope and hard for most people. She had no pickups, but didn’t have any birdies either. But, managed to shoot just below a 100 with a 98. It was actually her personal best on this course! And, I was very proud of how she handled herself, despite some issues! She was relatively calm throughout out the whole tournament!

Her team placed 2nd, with a lot of help from a teammate shooting a low score. They will move on and play in a regional tournament in a little more than 3 weeks. If they can place there, they will go to state.

But since I helped mess her original swing up, now she wont let me help her fix the flying elbow! If she could just get that elbow down, she could hit the ball without the compensation and maybe score lower. She’s afraid I might make it worse before going to the regional tournament. I guess I don’t blame her!

Anyone have any ideas? Email me: robby@robbysweb.com or comment on the post at instagram.


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