Hailey’s Golf Updates – Through 5 Tournaments 2018


I have been meaning to post an update on how the the golf season has been going for Hailey. I have been somewhat busy and keep putting it off.

But, so far she has played in 4 more tournaments with school, since the season started (5 total). She finally broke 100 for the 1st time, officially shooting a 95 (though she shot an 89 at the local municipal golf course playing with me)!

Bentwood CC – 105
Llano Int. – 95 (broke 100 1st time on 2/13/18!)
Eden – 99
Sonora – 105
Quicksand – 101

I know she would really like to be in the 80’s right now, and she’s not that far off. It’s just a few off shots here and there that stands in the way. Last week at Quicksand, she was doing ok and then hit into a sand trap and couldn’t get it out before she had to pickup (with a 9). That kind of rattled her and then had a couple of triples that didn’t help, or else she would have at least been in the low 90’s.

Her team placed second in Eden. Not bad for a team who is pretty much starting over with a new coach with several beginners! One of the players, who is a senior, helps out a lot by shooting in the upper 70’s and lower 80’s. District is coming up fast, and I hope they can place in it! It would be nice to get to go to regionals again.

Here is a nice little Par 3 “Tee to Green” video with a nice chip shot and short putt for par!

Most of her drives are pretty good, even though her swing looks a bit unconventional. She takes the club back inside and then has this loop up and crosses over at the top. But she gets it to work for her and can really send the ball far with it sometimes! Hit one drive 260 yards before the roll, and nearly drove the green, on a short par 4. I think what helps her, is she’s able to get it back on plane at the start of the down swing, and manages to square the clubface at impact.

Her driver swing kind of reminds me of John Daly’s. Anyone who knows golf, knows how good he is at driving the ball! I thought about buying her some flamboyant pants to go with that swing but don’t think she would wear them. lol!

The video of John Daly is not my property. I found the original video at https://youtu.be/i69WoGq2-7o. I only post it for comparison purposes.

Her putting is getting a lot better. She seems to 3 putt less and less! And, has had a few really nice long putts that are on-line (like the one below). She got to the green in three on this Par 5, and then had a two putt for par. She had a 30 something footer for birdie at the tournament in Eden. I didn’t get that one on video though 🙁 !

One of the things she has been working on is not over-swinging with her irons. It causes her to top the ball often. When she is thinking of just using half a swing, she hits the ball a lot better. But for some reason she forgets about it during a tournament and I am not suppose to tell her any instructions during play.

Anyway! I think she is on track to be a decent player in the near future, if she keeps working at it like she has been.

Next tournament is March 21st!


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