Hailey’s Golf Update September 2018


It’s been a while since I’ve updated anything about Hailey’s golf. She did play in a few tournaments over the summer on the West Texas Junior Tour, but really hasn’t played or practiced much, since.Β And, right now she’s kind of busy with a seasonal job she took, school, school band, and soccer. So it is kind of hard to find time for practice, and then also time for herself.

But, she has worked on a her swing some and it’s looking better. She was struggling with a backswing that was too high and long, creating a reverse spine angle, and then coming over the top.

I worked with her on hitting a draw, and that seemed to help with coming over the top. She also used a swing training aid called the Tour Striker Smart Ball, and that stopped the high backswing. It helped improve her swing after using it, just once!

But, she still seems to have an issue with a swing that’s too long, creating an out to in path. She is able to make it work though and hits the ball with a little bit of a fade. And, she seems comfortable with it.

One of the things she complains about though, is not getting the distance sheΒ wants with her irons. She hits her 6 iron about 140 max, 7 iron about 130, 8 iron 120, and PW about 80. And, she doesn’t even use the 9 iron.

But I have told her, what is important right now is to keep the ball in the fairway. If you can hit your 2nd shot with an iron, accurately at least 100 yards, you are going to put yourself in very a good position, every time! And, it’s better than trying to kill it and then end up chunking or topping it, only 20 or 30 yards.

At the high school tournaments, they only play from the red tees. And on most of the golf courses they play, the par 4’s are just under 300 yards, with very few much longer than 325. So with her average drive and a roll, if it’s down the fairway, that leaves about a 80 to 100 yards to the green. And, she can easily reach the green with an 8-iron, or a well hit pitching wedge. So she should be able to get to most greens in two.

To me, I think the biggest issue for her, is keeping her putts to 2 or less. So, while her whole game needs work, putting practice should be stressed! She thinks it’s boring and doesn’t like doing it. But there have been so many times she has been on the green in two, set up for birdie, and ended up 3 putting or worse. I am like, just think what that score would be if you can make at least par on all those! And I asked her, wouldn’t that practice be more fun when you can shoot under 80 each round? She rolled her eyes πŸ™„ and shook her head, yes! lol!

I did build her a new practice net so that she can actually work on her swing, right here at home. The only problem with it is, you can’t get a feel for distance. But you can kind of tell by the sound of the strike and direction it starts, if it’s a good hit or not.

Now, if I just had a putting green, that would be great! But, don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon! I have some plans in the works though! 😁

Anyway! The 2019 spring season for her High School doesn’t start until probably February. So she hopefully will have a couple of months to work with, and can find time to work on things, unless it turns winter too soon! 😢

Welp! That is all I have for now! If you have any comments or questions, send an email to robby@robbysweb.com. Or follow me on instagram @robbysweb!

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