Photo Carousel on Your Facebook Page

How to Create a Custom Photo Carousel or Slideshow of Pics on Your Facebook Page!

Why would you want to create a photo carousel? Maybe you own a business website that shows pics of the products or services you offer. Well, you could post them on your facebook page, setup as a little slideshow with custom captions, as a neat way to advertise them to your followers or fans of your page.


I could see this as a neat way for a realtor to advertise a house or property that is listed online, in a facebook post. Or a way a car lot to advertise new or used cars, etc.

There are two ways to do it. You can go to your facebook page, and select photo/video above your empty status box, and then click on Create a Photo Carousel.

photo carousel facebook

It will then open a box where you put in your link to your website. It will then load pics directly from the website into a row that you can navigate to the next one in the row, with a side arrow, like a slideshow viewer on a website.

Then under the row of pics, you will see each picture it loaded. You can then edit the arrangement there, click on the pics to remove them from the row, or upload others that are on your computer.

You can also edit the captions under the pics to say what you want, by click on the text that is there, and it will open up a spot to edit the text.

The other way to create a photo carousel, is to just type or copy and past the website link into the status box, hit the space bar after it, and let the website preview load with the pics and you can do pretty much the same thing as clicking on “Create a Photo Carousel” did before.

Either way, it works!

Here is a little video I made showing how I did it on my facebook page.

There you go! Hope it helps somebody!



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