Delofting the Clubface?


What the heck is all this delofting, dynamic loft and compressing the ball, stuff about?

In my understanding, when done correctly. Delofting the clubface will produce dynamic loft, which on impact will compress the ball, and give you more distance.

If this isn’t right, please let me know with a comment below.

In an example I read somewhere, it would be like turning the loft on a 7 iron into the loft of a 5 iron. And, possibly give you max distance of around 160 – 170 yards. Wow! 170 yards with a 7 iron?

That is cool and all, but I thought the whole point to the loft, was to help you get under the ball and up in the air. Then you could get out of the tough spots like the rough or bunkers and maybe over some trees.

I think my 7 iron goes maybe 120 – 130 yards max (actually I really don’t know how far I can hit it)? I would probably just use a 3 or 4 iron if I am trying to hit it 170 yards. At least, I use to be able to. Up until this past summer, I hadn’t play golf in almost 20 years!

Maybe I just need more practice?

Like I said. I hadn’t played in almost 20 years until recently, but I use to be a decent golfer with a low handicap. I don’t think I ever heard of dynamic loft back then. So, I watched all these videos on youtube and at, trying to get it to work. Sometimes I hit the ground before the ball, or I send it way up in the air! But, then I just swing the club normally without trying to deloft the club, and will hit the ball just fine.

Anyway! I guess my point to all this was, delofting the club is neat but not that easy for most amateur golfers like me, who don’t play or have time to practice 3 or 4 days a week, to duplicate! And, maybe too much focus has been paid to this method. But, what do I know! I haven’t even broke 90 yet, since I started playing again!

So, what do you think about all this delofting business? Whatever your opinion is, I wish you the best of luck on your game!


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  1. I went to the range yesterday and hit my 5 iron at least 200 yards. I actually hit it straighter than with my driver. So, I could be wrong about the distance on the 7 iron if you deloft the clubface. But I still say, I don’t think this should be in practice. I wasn’t trying to deloft the 5 iron.

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