Wifi After 1st Reboot on Raspberry Pi 3

How to reconnect to your Wifi after installing Rasbian on Raspberry Pi 3 and reboot.

Your Raspberry Pi 3 comes with on board wifi (lan) to connect to your wireless network, to connect internet, so you can surf the internet. So more need for a wifi dongle or wired Ethernet connection, like the previous versions of the Raspberry Pi board, are required to surf the web and download software.

After you have run the OS instillation on your Raspberry Pi 3 though, you might have noticed after reboot, that it didn’t retain your wireless internet connection like you had during setup. There is a real simple way to fix that!

Just move your mouse over to the top right hand corner or the Pi desktop and click in the two little computer icon. Then in the list, choose your existing nework.

connecting wifi

Then enter your passphrase or password and click ok!

connecting wifi

If the password is correct, you should see the icon change to the wifi icon with blue little stripes. Then you should be able click on the little planet icon in the top left of the desktop to open the browser and surf the internet!

There you go!

You can learn more about all this Raspberry Pi @ raspberrypi.org

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