Do You Have Frequent Acid Reflux and Heartburn?

I have suffered for years with acid reflux and heartburn and have been taking the OTC acid reducers (H2 blockers), like candy, to treat it. And while sometimes it seemed to work, sometimes it just got worse.

But one late night, I woke up with a some very bad heartburn and I looked in the cabinet for the pills and I was out. But, since my chest and stomach were on fire, I couldn’t go back to sleep. So while I suffered, I just looked up online for maybe an alternative to the pills, and hope there maybe something I may have that would work.

pickle juiceThe *suggestion by many online articles, was apple cider vinegar with honey. Well, I didn’t have any of that. The other suggestion was Pickle Juice! And, I just happened to have jar sitting in the back of my fridge. So, I gave it a try and took a small swig (about a table spoon), and after just a little bit, it helped to reduce most of the heartburn and I was able to go back to sleep.

So what made that work? Well, as many of the articles I skimmed over that night said, heartburn and acid reflux is sometimes the result of the body not producing enough stomach acid. And that vinegar could help aid the stomach by introducing more acid into the system (though no actual medical research would back that up). But straight vinegar is really strong and could actually cause more burning as it goes down. So, apple cider vinegar is suggested because the vinegar in it isn’t as concentrated, and mixed with the apple cider may make it easier to swallow.

So, I may have been treating my acid reflux and heartburn, wrong all this time. My problem may actually be the reverse of what I thought. I thought I had too much acid, when it could be, not enough acid.

I have also bought some apple cider vinegar supplement pills to try, and that seems to help too. The directions say, take one or two just before a meal. Be sure and follow that. I tried it without doing that, just to see what happens and I burped it up a lot, and it kind of burns the nose hairs, lol!

Anyway, since I have been doing this, I have noticed I have a lot less heartburn and acid reflux.

*WARNING: This is just something I have tried and I am not suggesting it will work for everybody. There is no solid medical research to back this up. I am not a medical professional. Try at your own risk! I am not responsible for any results you may experience. 

Cyber Monday Shopping Tip! How to Earn Cash Back!

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Select Soccer Rant – Tired of Driving

Select Soccer Travel Rant


select soccerHere is my rant! why can’t we figure out a way to play some of these games at home?

Both of my kids play select soccer on a u15 select soccer team. They usually play 2 games on Sundays, but we travel 3 1/2 hrs to play in Arlington, TX in the APL.

Usually will have 4 to 6 trips a season and we will get up early on Sunday morning and drive there and return, the same day. Luckily for us they are on the same team this year! They have been on separate teams in the past and we have played games in two different locations in the DFW area, at various times. Every once in a while, we will go on Saturday, and stay over night, depending on hotel rates. And sometimes, they will play a few Sundays in a row and then we will get a break, like a bye week.

Sometime the weather can be an issue and extend the season longer! Like yesterday, we get there and the weather is rainy, play a half and then they canceled the rest of the game and the other for later that day. So we just wasted 3 1/2 hrs, to turn around and go back! Then we will have to make up the games!

Anyway! All the travel is really getting old and wears on us. Our schedules times this season are at 12pm and 4pm. So, while 12pm is good, 4pm is kind of late. We get back around 10:30 to 11, because we stop for a couple of breaks and sometimes stop and eat. So, it’s tiring and puts lots of miles on our car. And the next day, the kids are pretty tired, and they have school to go to.

Question? Why can’t we form a league where we play a couple of home games, and then next Sunday, we play a couple of away games. Make it more like a school sports schedule! We go to them, and then they come to us! Just makes sense to me!

Most of the teams we play, are a lot closer then we are. But we do play some from Waco, and Odessa TX area, so they have to travel as far as we do.

And unfortunately, my kids school doesn’t offer soccer, so to play, they have to play select or rec. But to play rec where we live would be a big step down. My kids aren’t soccer dynamo’s, but they are little higher skilled than rec. It would be a step back in their development. I guess we could just quit but I would hate to see them give it all up, after playing since they were 5 and 6 years old!

There has to be something better we can do!

Of course I am sure this is more about making money, then getting the kids to play the game of soccer!

New Member Registration – Thank You!

new member registrationI have noticed an increase in new member registration and subscriptions to my blog this past week. I certainly appreciate it! I don’t know why you are here, because I know my blog isn’t all that. But it gives me some place to talk about things I enjoy doing and hope that it can help someone.

To the real people who have registered, thank you very much!

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Tip on Cutting Potatoes for Home Cut Fries.

Who Likes Home Cut French Fries?

What does this have to do with computers or tech? Nothing! But, I also like to cook. And, you probably already know this, but here is a little tip for cutting the potato, when it starts getting to where it’s hard to hold up and slice, without possibly cutting your fingers.

How to Make Your Own Soda Slushy – Or Not!

How to Make Your Own Soda Slushy

So, my daughter watched this video on youtube about a Self Freezing Soda trick, and she wanted to try it, so she could make her own soda slushy or icy at home anytime, because it’s one of her favorite treats to get from the convenience store.

The steps are simple!

Step 1. Shake up the soda
Step 2. Place in freezer for 3 hrs and 15 minutes, but do not freeze.
Step 3. Take the soda out and slowly let the pressure out.
Step 4. Pour into a bowl or glass and watch the reaction as it turns into a slushy soda.

She used a bottle of Dr. Pepper like this one (it says any soda)!

soda slushy

But she let it go too long in the freezer so it was already partially in slushy form when she got it out. The video does say that freezers vary, so you should probably get 3 or 4 sodas to try in the freezer and test it at different times. Anyway, she still wanted to eat the slushy out of the bottle so she tried opening it slowly to relieve the pressure, but couldn’t. The lid was on too tight. So, she gave it to me. I knew it might spew, so I held it over the sink, just in case.

Well, I loosened the lid some, but it must have been too far because the pressure was too great, and the bottle shot out of my hand, into the sink and spewed partially frozen Dr. Pepper all over me, the walls, the floor, and even on the ceiling! It went everywhere! lol!

By the way, when you go to the actual video on youtube, it does give a warning about over freezing, and making a mess, as well as other warnings. And, you will notice, the person doing it, is outside! It also has some other “cool” information about this experiment and links to other videos on the subject of freezing water and ice. But my daughter didn’t look at all the info below it, just the video. So, before trying, maybe go over some of the info below the video!

The moral of this post and title should be, this is “How NOT to Make a Soda Slushy“! lol!

She wants to try it again but with the soda having less time in the freezer, and will make a video to show how well it turns out!

NFL Pro Bowl

nfl pro bowlI love to watch pro football, and I like the NFL pro bowl. But, if ratings are low and the players are not really going to play very hard in it (and some not at all), then why not just make it some kind of NFL awards show?

You get the the top 5 nominated players in each position and then only one get’s the award. And, have the NFL man of the year award honors then too.