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Raspberry Pi 3 Quick Tips and Tweaks for Beginners and People Who Are Just Getting Started!

I recently bought and received a Raspberry Pi 3 and I installed the Raspbian OS. It’s not too hard and there are simple instructions you can follow on several websites. And, while this small board computer may look like something only a computer nerd can use, it really isn’t. It was actually designed to be simple enough for young children to use, who are just learning about computers.

Anyway! I pretty much just followed most instructions on the website. But, I have noticed a few things here and there, that could use some adjustments after Raspbian is 1st installed and reboots. Like setting the correct time on the desktop clock, getting spell check working on LibreOffice, reconnecting the wifi, and more. So far, these things have been pretty simple for a beginner like me to implement. But finding the correct fix that works on google, sometimes can be a bit tricky, or a little outdated for your model of Pi.

So, since I just got my Pi recently, and I am a beginner myself. I thought I would post all the Raspberry Pi quick tips and tweaks, as I go along, that I have actually implemented and used, that worked for me.

If you know of some others I can include here, or know a better way, please share them with us in a comment or send it to me in an email! I will post them and give you credit!

Have fun and thanks!

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