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What is Ubuntu?

Basically it is an open source OS (operating system) for PC’s that can be installed next to your current OS, or by itself.

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Dirty Cow Linux Kernel Bug – Fix

Dirty Cow – DANGER WILL ROBERTSON!!! It has been recently reported, that there is a bug in the Linux kernel, called “Dirty Cow”. It can effect some devices and computers running versions of Linux, like Android phones, web servers, and even … Continue reading

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Change Ubuntu to Xubuntu

So a while back I installed the Linux based Ubuntu along side Windows (dual boot) on my desktop (see my post here). And then, I installed a lighter version of Ubuntu on my daughters little HP mini, called Xubuntu. I … Continue reading

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Ubuntu – A Great Windows Alternative!

Ubuntu is a great operating system alternative to using Windows! First off, what is Ubuntu? Ubuntu is a Linux based desktop operating system, that can be installed on your PC laptop or desktop, and even some tablets, that has a similar functionality to that of a Windows. … Continue reading

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