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Computer tips, tweaks and hacks!

Hopefully I will have some great computer tips, tweaks, hacks, and how-to’s, posted here for people to use and try (at your own risk but I won’t do nothing too scary), to help make their computer usage easier or more fun!

Tips, Tweaks and Hacks for using Windows 10! Useful apps to download, hardware, and software reviews! Video editing tips! Using game emulators! Watching your favorite TV shows and movies, online! Restoring your Windows operating system! Installing different operating systems on old computers! Removing viruses! Creating a facebook page for your small business! Registering your own url or domain name (website address)! Blogging and possibly setting it up to make a little money! Hosting, building websites, setting up shopping carts with Paypal! Plus much more!

So, stay tuned and enjoy!

What is a Domain Name?

Do you have a personal blog, or home business website with a really long web address? Would you like to shorten it and maybe make it easier for others to remember and type in the address bar? Also to make it … Continue reading

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Change Ubuntu to Xubuntu

So a while back I installed the Linux based Ubuntu along side Windows (dual boot) on my desktop (see my post here). And then, I installed a lighter version of Ubuntu on my daughters little HP mini, called Xubuntu. I … Continue reading

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My Electronic Store!

Check out some of this cool stuff on my electronics store! Click Here!

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I Hacked My Wii Yesterday!

I Hacked My Wii! (lol! I Know that just sounds a bit funny saying it aloud, or even in your head, huh?) So, let me clarify, I hacked my Nintendo wii game console, and added the Homebrew Channel. With the … Continue reading

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Ubuntu – A Great Windows Alternative!

Ubuntu is a great operating system alternative to using Windows! First off, what is Ubuntu? Ubuntu is a Linux based desktop operating system, that can be installed on your PC laptop or desktop, and even some tablets, that has a similar functionality to that of a Windows. … Continue reading

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