WPA2 Encryption WIFI Security

Your wifi may be vulnerable to hackers! Be sure and watch for a security update from your ISP or your routers manufacturer. You might want to check with the brand name’s website, to see if a security patch is available and how you can implement it.

See this post for more news on this attack!


So lately there has been this message invading facebook inboxes, with a warning that has gone extremely viral, telling people not to except someone by the name of Jayden K. Smith, as a friend. And to forward it to your contacts.

For one, you have to ask yourself, do you even know a Jayden K. Smith, why would you except them as a friend if not? Are they a friend of a friend maybe? If you get the friends request, did you even ask your friends if they even know who this person is, before you would accept the request? They may have unknowingly been hacked themselves.

2nd, if you forward something to all your contacts without checking it out 1st, you just set your account up and every account on that list, to be hacked! One of the oldest tricks in the hacker playbook from the days of windows 98 and XP, is to attack the contacts list via email! But see the hacker does not have access to your contacts list as easy anymore with some of the security updates (though still outdated) that have been implemented, so they have to depend on you to deploy it for them.

Lucky for you, it is a hoax and a test to show you how easily people are manipulated by fake news and propaganda, to cause chaos! But by forwarding this to your whole list, you have exposed a vulnerability! So if someone had actually attached a real threat to it, it would have spread like a wild fire!

Heck, now look at all the posts with the exposure of the hoax getting posted everywhere! I just did it myself! So, it worked in more ways than one!


So, be forewarned for the next time! If you see posts or messages that have gone viral with some warning, check it out 1st before you spread it yourself! Takes only a few seconds to google it!

And as just like in the video above, don’t believe everything you see on the internet!

Create an Easy Computer Shutdown Button Shortcut

How-to create an easy to find, and easy to use, computer shutdown button shortcut. Or a restart button, on your Windows 10 (8.1, 7) desktop!

shut down buttonSo, why would you need a shutdown button shortcut? You know, it’s simple enough on Windows 10 to find the shutdown button on your laptop or desktop PC. There are a couple of ways to find it actually.

You can right click the windows icon on the bottom left corner of your screen in the task bar . Then mouse over the shutdown or sign out text in the menu, to bring up the shutdown, restart, sign out menu.

shut down

Or you can click on the Windows Icon and bring up the start menu and click on the power icon, just above that. It will show the power menu.

Here is my reason.

great scott
Great Scott Marty! You mean kids in 2016 don’t know how to properly shutdown a computer?

I just refurbished an older laptop for a friend that is running Windows 8.1, that doesn’t have the traditional Start Menu, which has the power menu options like shown above on Windows 10. To shut it down, you mouse over to the right side of the screen to bring up the “charms bar”, and then click the power button icon, for the power options.

One of their kids will be the main user on the laptop for homework. And at school when they use a computer in the computer lab, they just sign out. They never actually shut the computer down. So, to avoid an improper shutdown, I created an easy to find shutdown button shortcut, so they could easily find it and shut it down the right way.

Now that I have turned this quick tip into a book, for whatever reason you might need a shutdown button shortcut, here is how you create it (and the restart button)!

create shortcutJust create shortcuts for both actions using the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the Desktop and Right Click in any area of the background. Then go to New and Click Shortcut, in the menu.

Step 2: Enter the following code in Shortcut bar: shutdown -s -t 0 (<- yes a zero) and click Next.

shut down code

Step 3. Name your shortcut and click, finish (I simply named mine, Shut Down). It should put the short cut, right on the desktop.

name short cut

It will look like this:

shutdown button shortcut on desktop

Step 4. To change the icon on the shortcut, so it looks like a power button. Right click on the shortcut and choose Properties and Change Icon (you will get a warning popup about no icon, just click OK to continue).

icon properties 

Choose whatever icon you want and click OK. I picked the obvious red button.

Click Apply at the bottom of the box and then click OK.

click apply and ok

And now, it should show the button icon on your desktop!

You can also right click the shutdown button shortcut and choose to Pin to Taskbar and/or the Start Menu, in Windows 8, 8.1.

You can create a restart button the same way. The code to use is: shutdown -r -t 0 (<-that is a zero again).

And for log off, the code is: shutdown -l -t 0.

There you go! From Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Nerd!

Disk Cleanup – How to Help Speed Up Your Computer

slow computerDoes your laptop or desktop seem a little slow, or maybe a lot slower than it use to? Maybe you need to run a disk cleanup on your C: hard drive!

See, over time, lots of useless temporary files, system files and other stuff, builds up on your main hard disk, taking up space that can cause it to bog down. But with just a few clicks and Ok’s here and there, you can remove some of this clutter, and perhaps help make your computer run a little smoother! So here I will show you a simple way to do that.

How to do a hard disk cleanup!

file explorer1st, you will need to find your C drive: On windows 10, go to your start menu in the bottom left corner and click on it. When the menu pops up, look for the folder icon that will say File Explorer when you mouse over it, and click on it. On Windows 7, click on your start menu and look for “Computer” on the right side and click on it. 

Now in the left window pane, you should see a list, and you will find “This Computer”, and click on it. You should then see in the window to the right, Local Disk (C:), like in the pic below.

local disk c

Right click on the Local Disk (C:) and click on Properties, at the bottom of the list.computer

properties2Then you should see a box that looks like the one on the right, and under the tab that says General. Now click the button located a little more then half way down on the right that says, Disk Cleanup.


A box should pop up that says, Calculating how much space you will be able to free on (C): It might take a little while to go through that, depending on how much stuff has built up. When done, you should now see a box that has a list with boxes checked next to them.

disk cleanup

Check all the boxes in the list. It will not hurt anything to delete all of these files. Any system files that Windows uses that are shown in this list, get recreated as you use your computer. Then click on the Ok button at the bottom. Then another box will popup and ask if you are sure. Click, Delete Files. This also may take a little time depending on how much stuff was built up.

delete files

And there you go, you just cleaned the hard disk! You can do this as often as you want to. And, you can repeat the process to check if it did it.

Coming soon! I will also show you how to clean up your internet browser. So stay tuned! If you have questions, send me an email or post it in a comment below.

Dirty Cow Linux Kernel Bug – Fix


It has been recently reported, that there is a bug in the Linux kernel, called “Dirty Cow”. It can effect some devices and computers running versions of Linux, like Android phones, web servers, and even the Raspberry Pi.
dirty cow bug

You can find out a little more information about this bug on The Hacker News blog. Also, here is a post on the RaspberryPi.org blog, on how to fix it on the Raspberry Pi.

Text View, How to Easily Adjust the Font Size

Is the text view too small or large on the website you are viewing? Want to zoom in on that pic that doesn’t expand when you click on it?

I am in my mid 40’s and don’t have the eye site I use to, plus after looking at the screen for a while, things get a little fuzzy. I have reading glasses I am suppose to use, but often leave them somewhere in another room. So I will find myself squinting at the screen. Then I remember this tip to adjust the text on the “fly” without changing any settings on the computer. Works with most browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

change text view sizeTo zoom in, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and press the plus key.  The Ctrl key is usually below your shift key, and the plus key (+) is located at the top of the keyboard, toward at the end of the row of numbers. To zoom out, hold down Ctrl and the minus key (-). The minus key is right next to the plus. You can press the plus or minus several times, to zoom in or out, to where you like it.

Happy, no more squinting!

NTFS File System For Windows 10 USB Flash Drive

ntfs reinstall windows 10Creating a Bootable USB Flash Drive to Reinstall Window 10?

Don’t forget to set the files system to NTFS for windows! I have been trying like heck the past week or so to reinstall Windows 10 on my laptop from an ISO, loaded onto a bootable USB flash drive. I used the rufus utility, to create the bootable drive and then tried booting my laptop from it. But, it kept going to the grub rescue prompt and not booting from the usb stick.

I even tried using different USB sticks, SD cards and even burning the ISO file to a DVD. For some reason, it just wasn’t working. What was I doing wrong? I have reinstalled Windows on other computers, many times with no problems.

So, I looked all over the internet for reasons why it wasn’t working. No possible fixes seemed to resolve this issue. I also tried Unetbootin, a different utility to make a bootable USB drive, but that didn’t work either.

reinstall windows 10But, then while reading a guide on using an older version of Unetbooting on Linux, it dawned on me! Maybe I have been using the wrong file system setting, on rufus. And that was it! I was making the USB stick with the file system setting on Fat 32, and it was suppose to be on NTFS! Ah! No Wonder!!! lol!

I won’t go into detail on why it has to be set to NTFS but, in short, it is so the flash drive can be recognized as a hard disk, where the boot files would normally reside.

Anyway! It’s all working now and I got Windows 10 reinstalled! Thank goodness! I was starting to think maybe I had damaged something on the laptop!

If you are having this issue, check to make sure the file system says NTFS for Windows!

Photo Carousel on Your Facebook Page

How to Create a Custom Photo Carousel or Slideshow of Pics on Your Facebook Page!

Why would you want to create a photo carousel? Maybe you own a business website that shows pics of the products or services you offer. Well, you could post them on your facebook page, setup as a little slideshow with custom captions, as a neat way to advertise them to your followers or fans of your page.


I could see this as a neat way for a realtor to advertise a house or property that is listed online, in a facebook post. Or a way a car lot to advertise new or used cars, etc.

There are two ways to do it. You can go to your facebook page, and select photo/video above your empty status box, and then click on Create a Photo Carousel.

photo carousel facebook

It will then open a box where you put in your link to your website. It will then load pics directly from the website into a row that you can navigate to the next one in the row, with a side arrow, like a slideshow viewer on a website.

Then under the row of pics, you will see each picture it loaded. You can then edit the arrangement there, click on the pics to remove them from the row, or upload others that are on your computer.

You can also edit the captions under the pics to say what you want, by click on the text that is there, and it will open up a spot to edit the text.

The other way to create a photo carousel, is to just type or copy and past the website link into the status box, hit the space bar after it, and let the website preview load with the pics and you can do pretty much the same thing as clicking on “Create a Photo Carousel” did before.

Either way, it works!

Here is a little video I made showing how I did it on my facebook page.

There you go! Hope it helps somebody!