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Amazon Echo

amazon echoWhat is an Amazon Echo? The Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more—instantly. All you have to do is ask.

You can also use Echo to switch on the lamp before getting out of bed, turn on the fan or space heater while reading in your favorite chair, or dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie—all without lifting a finger.

Echo works with devices such as lights, switches, thermostats, and more from WeMo, Philips Hue, SmartThings, Insteon, Nest, ecobee, and Wink. Learn more about compatible smart home connected devices, including starter kits for easy setup.

This would make a great family Christmas Gift!

Go check this thing out! Learn More Here!

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  1. I asked this at the start but just want to be sure before i submit the form, i have a 32″ screen atm, but want to future proof myself a bit, ie get a bigger screen at some point, can i order the mega pack, and only use some of the leds required to make the 32″ ?

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