Alexa On The Raspberry Pi Hands Free

Alexa, as heard on the Amazon Echo, setup on my Raspberry Pi 3.

Testing Alexa from Amazon Echo (similar to Siri or Cortana), on my Raspberry Pi 3. Now updated with the wake word engine, which allows you to start an interaction, hands free, using the phrase “Alexa”.

To do this, I used the directions from here. But, I didn’t have a usb mic, so I connected a cheap mic and a usb patch cable together, that I had for connecting my guitar to the computer. The hardest part is going through all the developer account setup on Amazon. But once all done, it worked pretty well!

So for my 1st test, I asked her to tell me a funny joke!

I also asked her a couple of other questions.

Before the wake word engine update, you had to make a button to press, then ask the question. With the hands free update, it’s much easier! But you can still attach a button if you want, or use the “listen” button, built into the java program that opens when getting it started!

This was just a simple test, but hopefully I will create some projects that incorporate the voice control, using Alexa on my Raspberry Pi. I want to maybe adjust the temp on the thermostat. Or, control the lights, fans and TV.

You can learn more about using Alexa on the Raspberry Pi and the “hands free” update, here.

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I am just another goofy computer nerd who likes to tinker with tech, watch NFL football, cook and make people laugh if I can.
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