About Me

robbyHowdy, my name is Robby (aka: Robert) Hamblen, Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Nerd, who would like to offer my knowledge to help you, fix your computer issues. I also offer many other computer and internet related services as well.

So, if you’re having a problem with your computer, before you spend the big bucks at the big box store or shop, let me see what I can do. I will not attempt to do anything to your computer that will make it worse, or attempt to fix something, I know nothing about.

I may be able to actually walk you through fixing it yourself over the phone. And depending on the circumstance, work on your computer over the internet using remote assistance, while you sit and watch.

But, if you do need a little more assistance than that and you live in my area, I do make house calls. Or I can arrange for a drop off. Just send me a voicemail, text or email and I get back with you, ASAP!

How Much Do I Charge?

Because I am not a licensed tech, so to speak, I don’t “charge” a fee for anything. I do however, accept “donations”. My Paypal.com email is rodoubleby@outlook.com. You can send donations through that or also on facebook messenger (contact me for more details).

I will also work for food, trade for goods and services, gift cards, golf passes, computer parts, and of course a little cash for gas, always helps!


Robby Hamblen, “Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Nerd!”