1st Golf Tournament of the 2018 Season


The New Years Classic, 2018!

Hailey played in the 2018 New Years Classic with the WTJCT (West Texas Junior Champions Tour) at Bentwood Country Club this past weekend (Jan, 20th & 21st). 1st round she shot a 101, her personal best! In the 2nd round she had a 104, which tied her previous personal best, set just a few weeks ago.

She didn’t play the way she was hoping to, but to me, she played great. Maybe I say that because I’m her father, but I really thought she did well and I cringed a whole lot less than I ever have, on her shots in this tournament. I don’t know how to gauge her performance for her age and experience but I think she is well on the right track for only playing a season previous. And, will topple that 100 stroke mark very soon, if she keeps at it.

She hit the ball pretty well with very few errors on the tee box, fairways and around the greens. Got to most greens within regulation and had several chances for par and a few chances for birdie.


Where she struggled most was on the greens. Greens ran fast for most of the 1st round, and then fast in the morning and slow in the afternoon, in the 2nd round.

She had a lot of 3 putts, a few 4 putts and one 5 putter. On one par 5 she got to the green in two, but then had a 4 putt. If she could have kept with in 2 on most greens, she would have shot well under 100. Some of the greens on this course are small and have a pretty good slope. You have to hit below the hole on many of them, or with one easy tap on a putt, you could roll to the edge and be off the green. Can be pretty hard for even your more experienced junior players or any golfer, to stay within 2 putts.

Pretty soon I will have to stop giving excuses for her experience and skill level. She is a smart young lady, with a lot of athleticism and potential. She has shown a lot of improvement in a very short amount of time! I think with this tournament, she is now more hungry to work at getting better and getting below the 100’s. But, only time will tell!

Next tournament is with her high school in early Feb, at this same golf course. So the familiarity may help her there.

Thanks for all the likes and support from everybody on instagram and facebook, and out there on the course! I was very impressed with all the kids and teens playing golf this past weekend. It was a lot of fun to watch! All her playing partners and their parents were super supportive and helpful, even though you are competing against each other. This is why I love golf! You don’t get that in many other sports, at any level!

Thank you to the WTJCT organization for all the help and support you show these kids and all you do to help grow this game! Also, thank you to Bentwood CC for the wonderful hospitality in all aspects! We had a fun couple of days!


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