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If your computer isn’t running quite like it use to; it’s slow, has popups, viruses, freezes up or maybe doesn’t even turn on anymore. And, you are afraid of what it might cost to get it repaired…

welcome to my blog I am Robby

Call me, Robby, Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Nerd!

IT help, without the IT cost!

I am not a licensed tech but I have extensive knowledge and experience working with computers, repairing them for many family, friends, neighbors and others, for over 20 years!

 Here is just a sample list of things I can assist you with:

  • Memory and Hard Drive Install and Upgrades!
  • Virus/Malware Removal!
  • Resetting/Reinstalling Windows 7/8/8.1/10!
  • Cleaning/Refurbishing older PC’s!
  • File Recovery off of old Hard Drives (if hard drive is not damaged)!
I can also offer my assistance on many other computer and Internet related tasks like:

  • Small business web page building and admin!
  • Small business e-commerce setup (paypal shopping cart)!
  • Facebook page setup!
  • Audio, Video and Image file format conversion (.WAV to .MP3, .MOV/WMV to .AVI/.MP4/.MPEG and more)!
And, much much more!

 So, let me take a look at it or let me see what I can do, before you spend a bunch of money at the repair shop or big box store. And, it might not cost you anything!

I also enjoy a little cooking and playing golf (though I am not very good at golf).

So you might also see some blog posts with a recipe or about my latest golfing adventure!

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Have A Good Day!