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Helping my neighbors in the San Angelo, Tx area, and beyond, with their computer issues and many other computer related tasks!

I am not a tech professional. I hold no licenses or formal training in PC repair. But, I have a passion for computers! And with my experience, I may be able to help you fix your computer issues, before you spend the big bucks at the repair shop or before you decide to add it to our landfills. And, my help is *free! I do this because I like helping others.

PC Repair, Support & Assistance!
Virus Removal – Hardware & Software Install – Upgrades
Reinstall Operating Systems (i.e. Windows 10)
Facebook Page Setup, Blog and Website Setup & More!

So, if you have one of these..

computer with a virus

And you are low on this…


Call me before you do this…

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To contact me, send a Text to or Leave a Voicemail @:
Email: robby@robbysweb.com

*Yes, I do offer my help for free. But “donations” are always appreciated! If you would like to make a donation online, I have a PayPal account where you can send money: rodoubleby@outlook.com! You can also visit some of the ads around my site! I get a little kickback from the clicks! Thanks!