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welcome to my blog I am Robby

Hello and Welcome! My name is Robby, as you might have guessed from the title of this blog. And, I am a sort of a computer and internet nerd, and love tinkering with tech, especially the Raspberry Pi computer.

So I made this blog to share my experiences of working on computers and the internet, with others who enjoy it too. Also to share it with those that might could use a little computer or tech related help.

So, if you are having a problem with your computer. Or need a little help doing whatever it is you are trying to do on it, or with the internet. Feel free to contact me! I just might be able to help you, and it not even cost you anything!

Click Here for a list of some things I have experience with on the computer and internet!

Note: I am not a licensed tech and have no formal computer repair training. I just have a lot of experience doing it for myself, friends, family and neighbors. And have helped many of them, without costing them a dime!

I also enjoy a little cooking too, so you might see some pics of my BBQ and other dishes, along with the recipes.

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Thank You For Visiting!