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If you have a computer that isn’t running quite like it use to. It’s a little slow, can’t get it to stay connected online, has errors popping up, has something on it that you’re not even sure should be, or doesn’t even turn on anymore. And, you can’t get it into the repair shop, or are running a little short on cash.


welcome to my blog I am RobbyCall me, Robby, Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Nerd!

I’m not a licensed tech, but I do have lots of experience fixing and repairing computers for friends, family and acquaintances. I just might be able to help you, and it might not cost anything.

I can also help with getting your small business online with a website and/or facebook page, or on other social media networks!

Click Here for a list of some things I have experience with but not limited to!

I also enjoy a little cooking and playing golf (though I am not very good at golf).


So you might also see some blog posts with a recipe or about my latest golfing adventure!

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